Harford County school board reverses course, votes to build Red Pump school first, the Dagger Press reports


    The Dagger Press is reporting this morning that the Harford County Board of Education voted last night to reverse course and join the Harford County Council in supporting a plan to build the Red Pump Elementary School first, rather than the Campus Hills Elementary School to relieve overcrowding in the district. According to the Dagger, the board voted 5-2 in favor of building Red Pump, northwest of downtown Bel Air instead of Campus Hills, which would have been located west of Bel Air and closer to Prospect Mill Elementary, which currently has 10 trailers housing overflow students. The district believes both schools will need to be built to alleviate school crowding: Red Pump would be built by 2011 and Campus Hill would be built by 2013, the story says. School board members quoted in the Dagger story indicated they felt they had little choice in the matter since they are dependent on the county to help fund the new schools. The county had supported the Red Pump site because it is in the area of town where they want to concentrate development. In fact, a development called Blakes Legacy is already planned to go in near the Red Pump school site.

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