Anyone know who might have spilled all that molasses into Bynum Run?


    I just heard about a seriously sticky situation in Bel Air. Someone contacted The Baltimore Sun’s Consuming Interests blog about what appears to be a large amount of molasses spilled into Bynum Run. The Sun blogger checked it out and discovered that the Maryland Department of the Environment came out on Friday and determined “several hundred gallons of molasses spilled from a holding tank in the 400 block of Franklin Street” into the waterway.

    The MDE told The Sun that they didn’t see any fish harmed as a result of the molasses. However, a reader who contacted The Sun’s Watchdog  reported that fish were killed.

    Does anyone know what company would have a holding tank of molasses at that site? I’ve embedded a map of the area below. Franklin Street is only about two blocks long just northeast of Main Street and dead ends into an area that seems to includes several large tanks and a lot of parked vehicles.

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    If you know, you can leave a comment here or at Consuming Interests:

    Thanks for your help. And, as always, thanks for reading!