Good News! You can now read The Aegis online without a subscription…and…they have information on last week’s molasses spill in Bynum Run


    Want to know what’s up with that molasses spill in Bynum Run? Click here:

    Go ahead, click it. There you will see the story that was published in today’s edition of The Aegis. And, unlike stories on The Aegis’ website, you don’t have to subscribe to the online edition to read them. Click here to read the rest of The Aegis:

    The Record is also now available online. Click here to read it:

    Anyhow, with regard to the molasses spill, The Aegis says that the Maryland Department of the Environment reported a 1,500-gallon tank of molasses leaked into Bynum Run. The story says someone cleaned up the mess on Tuesday. The Aegis did not learn who was responsible for the cleanup:

    “While it is not known who did the work, “it appears the cleanup activities were able to recover much of the spilled molasses,” (Kim Lamphier, spokeswoman for the Maryland Department of the Environment) said.
    A state inspector found “numerous” dead worms along the site but no dead fish.”

    The story says the Maryland Department of the Environment doesn’t plan to follow up its inspection and doesn’t believe the spill caused significant damage to the creek. However, if anyone sees any new damage or change in the creek, they are asked to contact the MDE. To report suspected contamination in a Harford County waterway, call the MDE’s Water Management division at 410-901-4020. (I tried the number The Aegis listed and it didn’t get me there. I called MDE and they told me this is the number to use.)

    The Aegis story didn’t specify a particular site as the source of the contamination, however the Baltimore Sun’s Consuming Interests blog reported this week the MDE investigated “several hundred gallons of molasses spilled from a holding tank in the 400 block of Franklin Street” into Bynum Run. That site does have a building bearing the Harford Sanitation Service company’s logo on it.

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