Harford County Council asks library Board of Trustees to keep Fallston library open & make cuts elsewhere; asks County Exec Craig to transfer money to help


    The Harford County Council passed a resolution last night that urges County Executive David Craig to transfer money in the budget to prevent the closing of the Fallston branch of the Harford County Library. The library’s Board of Trustees have planned to close the branch, which they say has less walk-in traffic than other branches, June 30 to accommodate the County Council’s demand that it cut an additional 5% or $800,000 from its operating budget. Library officials say it would cost $400,000 to keep the branch open. The resolution — introduced by Council President William Boniface and council members John Woods and Chad Shrodes — asks the Harford County Library Board of Trustees to find other ways to reduce their costs in order to keep all their 11 library branches open. It doesn’t offer any suggestions for further reducing costs. However, a BANV reader (thank you!) offered these suggestions:

    “The Library should charge $.50 to rent movies, charge $.25 to reserve books and stop sending email reminders when books are due there by cutting their operating costs and collecting more in late fees. I love having these free services but would be willing to pay. Baltimore County Library charges higher fees than these.”

    Personally, I love the e-mail reminders and hate paying penalty fees. However, I use the library constantly and because I value it, I would be willing to pay for a special service or to contribute to an occasional fund drive. But let’s hope the county’s decision makers can put their heads together and distribute the tax money we already pay to provide us with the services we value most.
    Resolution No. 10-09

    The library Board of Trustees has scheduled a public hearing on the closing at its June 18 meeting at 6 p.m. at the library’s Bel Air branch.

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