Harford County officials consider re-opening Tollgate Yard Trim Drop-Off Saturdays only


    This morning’s Aegis is reporting that the Tollgate Yard Trim Drop-off Site at 703 N. Tollgate Road, which was closed July 1 due to Harford County budget cuts, is scheduled to reopen on Saturdays only starting Aug. 8. The story says county officials are working to arrange staffing for the Saturday hours tentatively scheduled to be 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. The county is considering reducing the hours litter patrol crews spending driving around the county picking up roadside trash and transferring that manpower to the Tollgate site on Saturdays.

    I’ll keep an eye on this and report whether they decide to go ahead with the re-opening. My readers would appreciate it. According to a very unscientific poll I ran for several weeks on this blog:

    • 46% of the 103 people who voted wanted the Tollgate site to remain open;
    • 32% supported keeping both the Tollgate and Scarboro sites open at reduced hours;
    • 22% were willing to pay a fee in order to keep the Tollgate site open;
    • 12% wanted an alternate site offered for southern Harford County residents who live far from the Scarboro site;
    • 5% voted in favor of closing the Tollgate site.

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