Sunflower explosion in Harford County


    BANV reader (thank you!) Kelly Groft, who is also
    News Director at ABC2 News and a Harford County native, brought to my attention this story her station ran Monday on Harford’s bumper sunflower crop. Sunflowers, particularly those planted by Zach Rose of Clear Meadow Farms in White Hall, have exploded in bright yellow bursts over area fields. The story reports that the sight is so stunning people are pulling over to take pictures of the flowers. Click here to read the story. Unfortunately, BANV doesn’t have any pictures of her own to publish so if you’re one of those people who took some sunflower pictures, please send one along to me at and I’ll publish it here. Thanks! And thanks for the fun Harford County story, Kelly!

    The Harford Business Ledger also covered the sunflower story. Click here to read it.

    Update: BANV was particularly fortunate to have sunflower pictures sent from Harford County professional photographer & BANV reader (thank you!) Dawn Devoe of Devoe Creative photography and graphic design. She gave me permission to post them here. Click here to see her website. Click here for her blog where you’ll see more sunflower pictures. Thanks Dawn! They’re beautiful!

    Click here to see a fun video on the sunflowers made by The Baltimore Sun’s Lloyd Fox:


    Update: I just received more pictures from BANV reader Becky Mahew who wrote: “We were on our way to a picnic on Saturday and were amazed to see these beautiful fields of flowers along the way. We returned on Sunday afternoon to take these pictures – and there were many other people doing the same thing!”

    Thanks so much for sending these, Becky!

    I made a little slideshow of her pictures: