Bel Air’s wild turkeys on TV


    Bel Air’s friendly neighborhood turkeys made their TV debut tonight. Click on this link to Channel 2 (WMAR) to see them.

    Click here for previous BANV posts about our wild turkeys who seem to want to visit all of us for Thanksgiving.

    (Update 11/19): Wouldn’t you know it? The morning after the WMAR news crew gave up their search for our neighborhood turkeys, I found them waiting for us when we walked out the door to catch the school bus this morning. I took a little video of my own as they wandered through our front yards. They keep walking up to our doors, which makes me think that people have been feeding them. (The Department of Natural Resources told WMAR last night that we shouldn’t feed them.) This trio must have decided searching for food in our subdivisions is much easier than foraging in the woods.  If want to see the turkeys making their pre-Thanksgiving rounds, click on this link: