BANV’s Facebook fans report treacherous road conditions throughout Harford County


    My BANV Facebook fans (thank you!) are all reporting treacherous conditions on Harford County roadways right now. Click here to read what local residents are saying about their experiences on the roads. My family was stuck in the traffic jam behind the Bel Air bypass accident around 1 p.m. today where a van flipped on its side. It took two hours to travel from Wal-Mart to the bypass. The commenters on BANV’s Facebook page are reporting the the from Harford County into Towson are bad with a lot of Bel Air roads experiencing grid lock. Stay home if you can and if you’ve been out there, leave us a comment below or on Facebook to keep us up to date on the conditions. Thanks!

    Keep up-to-date on today’s storm with Bel Air resident Mark Hofmann’s weather station: