Wondering what happened to the old Harford County Health Department building at 119 S. Hays St.?


A few BANV readers (thank you!) had been asking me if I knew what had happened to the Harford County Health Department building (at 119 S. Hays St.) that had been recently reduced to rubble.
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I just heard back from they county’s Department of Procurement. This is what they had to say about the old building:

“The old occupants housed at this site were moved into a new leased facility due to the deteriorating conditions of the building. The new County Health Department is to be built at the Bonnie Brae site in Edgewood next to the new Sheriff’s Department Southern Precinct. This building will occur when funding becomes available.

“The County looked at the cost of renovating the old Health Department, which was extremely expensive due to its age and condition.
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In addition, the Health Department, as a whole, was spread out into 6 different locations in Bel Air which made it difficult for citizens to receive services and very inefficient in regards to staffing and energy cost. It was decided that a new building was the most appropriate course of action and fit nicely into Harford County’s Global Plan.
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Once the Health Department was moved, the building was demolished and will be used as a parking lot.”