10 days and counting and still no school for students in Harford County tomorrow


I was counting the hours — as I’m sure you were too — until school started up again. I saw the other area districts canceling school tomorrow or delaying their openings, but not Harford. We got through the 6 p.m. news hour and still it looked like Harford students were heading back to school Tuesday. But then, shortly after 7 p.m., we got the call that said Harford schools would be closed again tomorrow. According to the district’s website, schools are being closed tomorrow to allow more time for snow to be removed from sidewalks, bus stops and some county side roads.  I don’t think it’s possible to get all the sidewalks and bus stops cleared unless we get a heat wave soon. Kids will be walking in the streets and standing in snow drifts when we finally do go back to school. It is still dangerous out there. We lost a Harford County teen in this storm. I just saw on The Dagger Press that the 15-year-old who was critically injured when her family’s minivan hit a parked plow on Paradise Road in Aberdeen Feb. 5 died this past weekend. Click here to read the article. Our thoughts go out to her family.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to get back to our regularly scheduled lives before the week is out. My son counted 10 days that have passed since he last went to school. My kids are beyond bored. But they have been finding things to do. My 11-year-old likes Steve Spangler Science. We just did his Color Changing Milk experiment. We also like his recipe for making Flubber out of Borax and glue. My kids were also so intrigued by the conceal bookshelves by Umbra we found at Barnes & Noble that they were inspired to reorganize their books and clean their rooms to fit them into their decor. Maybe I can dazzle them with my string mop and convince them to clean the kitchen floor tomorrow. If you have any ideas to share on how you’ve been keeping your kids busy, please comment below or on Bel Air News & Views Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bel-Air-News-Views/136958171000