Harford County officials warn of storm related roof damage


Now that the roads are getting cleared and the snow is starting to melt, Harford County officials say there is still cause for some worry. The Harford County Office of Economic Development website has a page this morning outlining the danger of roof collapse related to the storm. (Thanks for tweeting the link Hollis Thomases!) According to the website, flat roofs are particularly susceptible to damage from the weight of the snow:

“The high snow accumulation could cause structural members being stressed to their design capabilities,” stated County Executive David R. Craig. “Signs of potential structural problems include difficulty opening windows or doors; deflection of ceiling finishes, especially drop ceilings; new roof leaks or abnormal noises coming from the roof area,” he said. 

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The Baltimore Sun is reporting a roof collapsed at an American Legion Hall in Edgewood: http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/bal-md.briefs122feb12,0,2405.story