Help out your fellow Harford County residents and report a plowed road on Bel Air News & Views


    I sent an e-mail to the county hoping they’ll let me know how the plowing is going, but it occurred to me that we all probably have a more accurate view of which roads have been cleared. Let me know when you see a plowed road and I’ll keep track of it here on Bel Air News & Views. Please leave a comment below or on my Bel Air News & Views Facebook page and I’ll keep a running list. This is what Bel Air News & Views Facebook page fans have reported so far:

     I’ve see the plow come down Tollgate (by Wheel Road) twice today. Feb. 6 at 11:46am

    Accross from Fallston High School…a small front end loader made a pass through the neighborhood about 5pm…thank goodness. Don’t know if this was an individual doing a good deed or hired by county

    Feb. 6 at 11:17pm

    Henderson rd saw a plow but none of the streets branching off of it. lillygate, beetlebrock, etc.

    Feb. 7, 1:10 p.m.  

    We live in town in Homestead Village..we are looking pretty good! THANKS TOWN OF BEL AIR! Feb. 7, 1:10 p.m.  

    The other side of Henderson in Hampton Ridge is clear. Feb. 7, 1:30 p.m.  

    I just saw the National Guard fly over my neighborhood (Greenridge I) checking out the area. No snow plows here yet, but neighbors have all come together to help each other. Feb. 7, 2  p.m.  

    I heard they are not doing side roads until later. They are working on main roads and main streets in neighborhoods. There is a Front Loader in our neighborhood right now working on our main Road Mardic Drive. Feb. 7, 2  p.m.
    Homestead Village is plowed and passable. The Town has done a great job with our neighborhood – throughout the entire store. Our tax dollars at work!!!!  Feb. 7, 2  p.m.
    Just got an automated message call on behalf of David Craig saying that they were working with subcontractors to get subdivisions plowed today – but that schools and government will be closed tomorrow! Feb. 7, 2  p.m.
    West Riding Neighborhood has been plowed down the main strip. They are still working on the cul de sacs and have just now branched off and sort of plowed East Valley Oaks neighborhood.
    (When I say plowed please take that with a grain of salt, I mean to say that A Utiliquest truck with a plow on the front has come through East Valley Oaks and left an opening one car width. ) Feb. 7, 2:30   p.m.
    West Gate entrance off of Ring Factory Road has not been plowed, but for my understanding the neighborhoods around us have been. Feb. 7, 2:40   p.m.
    Forest Lakes had a few plows come through. Feb. 7, 2:40  p.m.
    in Fallston, Oakmont Rd is passable…can see the asphalt. not a full 2 lanes but if you share and go slow it’s good. Feb. 7, 2:50  p.m.
    Ridgecroft Community 2:55 (off Boggs Rd in Forest Hill ) just had one plow come through…thank you! 🙂  Feb. 7, 2:55  p.m.

    Box Hill North doing well…we live off a secondary road on a cul-de-sac and we are all plowed out….we have bad backs and I was concerned about my elderly neighbors snowed in and neighbors and friends walked from other neighborhoods with shovels, plows, sno-blowers and shoveled us out like crazy! ….everyone happy here. I say Super Bowl bring it on…yee ha!  Feb. 7, 3:10  p.m.

    Folks say that Boggs Road in Forest Hill is plowed.Feb. 7,  4  p.m.
    Laurel Bush Rd. is okay. WIsh our driveway was too! Feb. 7, 4  p.m.
    Hall Street and Edinshall Trail are plowed. They were plowed several times over the last 3 days Feb. 7, 4:10  p.m.
    Wakefield Meadows Community has one passable lane on each street and some salt would be nice before everything freezes. They are doing an awesome job considering the monumental task at hand  Feb. 7, 4:30  
    Stone Ridge is plowed. And my cul de sac is finally clear 🙂  Feb. 7, 4:30 pm

    Stone Ridge is plowed. And my cul de sac is finally clear 🙂 Feb. 7, 5 pm 

    Hepburn Lane and Brentwood Park Drive are looking good! Feb. 7, 5 pm 

    Parsons Ridge main road to the right is plowed but not to the left. None of the cul de sacs have been touched. Feb. 7, 5 pm 

    Plows just coming through Fox Bow neighborhood. We see pavement!!! Feb. 7, 5 pm

    Fountain Glen Dr into Redfield has been plowed. I can’t say much for the courts in Fountain Glen development. Feb. 7, 5 pm
    Southampton, Cleaned real nice Big trucks and Front-end loaders, Spenceola Frams Nothing, Hunters Run Nothing as of 3 today, I was the first truck on and off Point to Point.  Feb. 7, 6:30 p.m.

    I live in Forest Lakes and have not seen a plow all storm. Only Osborne and other main roads being done, the rest of us are stuck. Feb. 7, 6:50 p.m.

    Bynum Ridge Road has been plowed, looks like one lane..could see asphalt in some places. Heard Cannery Rd. in Spenceola was pretty clear. Feb. 7, 11 p.m.

    East MacPhail…Snow packed in parts….and bare in other spots. Feb. 8, 9 a.m.