How long it will be before Harford County plows? And how do people walk their dogs in all this snow? Also, looks like Chestnut Hill Road might have lost power


    Update 1:52 p.m.): A reader (thank you!) of BANV’s Facebook page just wrote that the county called to tell her they would be plowing the main roads today and the secondary roads tonight and tommorrow.

    Update 2:37 p.m.: Check out power outages reported statewide:
    Thank you to the BANV Facebook page reader who passed that on!

    The answer about when the plows will come is a little vague. Harford County’s snow removal web site page says that we can expect plows to have made at least one pass through all county roads within 36 hours at the latest when up to a foot of snow has fallen. However, if we get more snow than that, it says:

    “Conversely, more snow, longer time frame. However the type of snow (wet or powdery) and the temperature and wind conditions following the storm can alter this schedule.”

    It looks like we’ve probably seen more than 18 inches fall already according to the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail & Snow Network. Although, this morning the person in charge of checking the snow level indicated that he couldn’t make it through the drifts to reach the gauge. Click here to check it out.

    The county offers these tips for how to park your car and where to dump your shoveled snow in order to make the plowing easier:

    – If you have a driveway, please use it – especially if you live on a cul-de-sac.
    – If you do not have a driveway, park as close to the curb as possible on one side of the road. Park your car on the even numbered side, if possible. Move to the other side of the road after the plow has cleared it.
    – To help avoid frustration that occurs when a snowplow covers your driveway with snow after you have shoveled, stand facing the road and shovel snow to the right into the yard instead of into the road.

    Click here to read more about how Harford County handles snow emergencies :

    Click here to see what Twitterers around the region are tweeting about the storm:,0,2651574.htmlstory

    Check out BANV’s Facebook page to see what others in Harford County are saying about today’s snow. It sounds like the depth of the snow is making it difficult for people to find ways to let their dogs out to do their business. If anyone has any good suggestions please leave a comment below or on Facebook. Thanks!

    Someone on BANV’s Facebook page just commented that it looks like the folks on Chestnut Hill Road have been without power since 1 a.m. I heard Mayor O’Malley mention on Ch. 11 a little while ago that 151,000 people were without power, but they were mostly Pepco customers in the Montgomery County area.