Today’s snow day isn’t expected to lengthen the school year any further in Harford County


Another flake, another day off of school. I know, I know. Drifting, blowing, danger, danger. Better safe than sorry. I get it. We went to the library. We got books. We got movies. For some reason my kids still are in my home office with me.

Anyhow, the good news is that it doesn’t look like this day off will change the Harford County Public Schools calendar any further. It is expected to be included in the number of days the district will ask the state to waive. I called over there and it looks like Wednesday’s story in the Aegis had it correct. Our spring break will be cut short by two days, with kids remaining in school for March 31 and April 1. If you look at your school calendar, you’ll see those days are marked as potential inclement weather make up days. Instead of a full week-long spring break, kids get four days off of school from Friday, April 2 through Wednesday April 7. They’re back in school on April 8.

The school year will be lengthened by four days, with children attending school through June 15 — which you’ll notice on your school calendar were also marked as potential inclement weather make up days.

The district is using the six snow days it built into its calendar. Since we’ve already taken nine days off because of the weather, the district will ask the state to waive the three extra days so we won’t need to make them up in order to reach the required 180 days of school. According to the Aegis story, the district doesn’t plan to make the request until the winter is ended since it’s possible we could have more snow days with this incomparable weather we’ve been having. The state has limited the number of days districts can request to waive at five. Hopefully, the weather will break before we reach that number.