With another blizzard due in hours, Harford County sets up a Highways Road Status Hotline


    A press release from the Harford County Executive’s Office yesterday announced that the county had established a Highways Road Status Hotline (410-638-3009) to track snow removal efforts. I just called it and it told me that as of 2 p.m. yesterday, the Department of Public Works had cleared 85% of the county’s roadways and continued to work around the clock to clear roads and cul-de-sacs that were not yet accessible. Perhaps they’ll update that again soon. I can attest to the around the clock part. At 1:30 a.m., a front-end-loader was in my Valewood Estates cul-de-sac finishing the job a county plow had started yesterday afternoon. The information on the hotline is rather general. A BANV Facebook page reader (thank you!) pointed out that Howard County has a real time, color-coded online map that shows which roads in their county have been treated and which have been plowed: http://snow2.co.ho.md.us.

    I’m thinking we can probably make a local snow removal map ourselves and invite BANV readers to indicate where they’ve seen a plowed road when the next snow hits. I’ll try it myself later, but if someone has some time on their hands and wants to give it a shot, please go ahead and I’ll link to it.

    The county release also mentions that the weekend’s storm collapsed a horse barn and damaged the roofs of a mobile home in Havre de Grace and a business in Campus Hills Shopping Center.

    The Harford County Emergency Operations Center is scheduled to activate at 3 p.m. today and remain in operation throughout the storm.

    Click here to get the latest weather updates from on Foot’s Forecast (http://www.footsforecast.org/), the local Mark Hofmann’s Weather Station (http://www.weather-station.org/) and The Baltimore Sun, which has a video interview with Mr. Foot himself.

    Thank you to all the BANV readers and BANV Facebook page readers who updated snow removal efforts in their neighborhoods. I found it exceedingly helpful and I hope you did too!

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