Perhaps we won’t be getting a new grocery store in Fallston at the intersection of Routes 1 and 152 after all


I just read in the Aegis today that the Harford County Council denied developer Michael Euler’s request to bring public utilities to 11 acres of a parcel at the intersections of Routes 1 and 152 in Fallston where he plans to build a shopping center called Aumar Village. The development was to include a McDonald’s, a 250-seat sit-down restaurant, a pharmacy, a bank, a grocery store and another 7,000 square-feet of retail space. Some of the parcel already sits within the Fallston Sanitary Subdistrict, which allows it to receive water and sewer service from the county. The developer asked the county council to include three lots that sit outside the subdistrict but his request was denied. The only reason given in the story for the denial was that the three parcels sit outside the district. The county council has the power to include those parcels in its 2010 update of the Master Water and Sewer Plan, but chose not to. The story didn’t say how the county’s decision would affect the developer’s plans.

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