Massage Envy gift cards make a great last minute Mother’s Day gift idea


Mother’s Day is getting really close and if you’re looking for a great last-minute gift, consider a gift card for a massage at Massage Envy’s Bel Air location at 591 Baltimore Pike. If your mom lives out of town, the gift cards are good at any of Massage Envy’s 620 clinics nationwide. Click here for more information:

While massages can be enjoyed by moms of all types, they can be a special treat for expectant moms.

“Massage therapy can help relieve discomfort experienced throughout pregnancy, but also makes the transition from pre- to postnatal more relaxing,” says Diane Kelley, Waldorf, MD Clinic Owner and Certified Prenatal Massage Therapist with Massage Envy. She highly recommends that an expecting mother consult with her doctor prior to receiving a massage and only receive massage from a therapist specifically trained in prenatal massage. Massage Envy’s prenatal therapists are trained to address the discomforts often experienced during pregnancy including backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches, and swelling.

During prenatal massage, clients are positioned on their side to avoid placing extra strain on the lower back and pelvic regions and special attention is given to areas specifically affected during pregnancy.

“Massage helps create homeostasis, or balance, within the body that has shown to help improve sleep, lower blood pressure, alleviate morning sickness, and ease labor pain,” added Kelley. “Prenatal massage has also been shown to help reduce postpartum depression.”

Massage Envy offers a few do’s and don’ts to help with a prenatal wellness plan:

* Do Consult a physician: Because prenatal massage involves both mother and baby, Massage Envy requires that women consult with their physicians prior to adding massage to their prenatal care. For women with normal, low-risk pregnancies, massage can be integrated at any point but it is advised that massage regimens align with care from a physician or midwife.
* Do Begin prenatal massage as early as your first trimester: Massage can be integrated into prenatal wellness early in the first trimester.
* Do Stay mobile and hydrated: Staying active throughout pregnancy and regulating water intake increases tissue pliability allowing massage therapists to better manipulate the muscles and address problems.

* Don’t Apply too much pressure: Massage Envy prenatal therapists are specially trained and certified in this modality and most often use gentle to medium touch while avoiding sensitive pressure points.
* Don’t Stop prenatal massage during your third trimester: If experiencing a healthy pregnancy it is advised to receive regular massage at least once a month throughout the final trimester. This will help increase circulation and flexibility which can ease labor pain and improve the birthing process.
* Don’t Forget the importance of homecare: In between massage appointments keep feet elevated and regularly rubbed to help relieve edema, swelling due to excess fluid, and strain. Because feet may be difficult to reach try placing a tennis ball on the floor and with slight pressure roll along the bottom of each foot.

In the Baltimore/DC metro area, trained prenatal massage therapists are available at all 21 Massage Envy locations. Each clinic is fitted with special body support cushions to ensure comfort and proper positioning for mother and baby.

For more information on the benefits of prenatal massage or to purchase a Gift Card for Mother’s Day, please visit your local Massage Envy in Bel Air or call 410-420-7770.


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