World Guy spends Mother’s Day getting attention for the disease that took his mother’s life


I first heard about the guy rolling a 6-foot globe down Mountain Road this week from a friend who sent me a direct message on Twitter. He said he was driving by too fast to catch the name of the website printed on the rolling globe. I learned what it was all about on Facebook, where all things are revealed. Someone caught the name of that website — — and posted it there. Someone else took this picture of him rolling through Reisterstown and posted it on World Guy’s Facebook page.  It turns out the man rolling that 80-pound, rubber globe is a Kentucky man named Erik Bendl and the reason why is particularly fitting on this Mother’s Day. Bendl is rolling that rubber earth ball across the country to raise awareness of diabetes. His mother, former Kentucky Rep. Gerta Bendl, died of complications from diabetes in 1987 at the age of 54. He told a CNN iReporter who interviewed him last year when he rolled the ball from Louisville to Kansas City: “She did so much with the public but didn’t take care of herself. Her brother has diabetes and is 82 years old. If you want to live long and be there for your family, take care of yourself.”

This year, he’s rolling his earth ball from Maryland to Maine, with his dog, Nice, trotting along by his side. The Carroll County Times’ reporter Penny Riordan caught up with him as he rolled through Taylorsville April 29. Click here to read the story:

Bendl is documenting his journey on his blog He blogged about his walk through Bel Air, which started last Thursday when he met Fallston dentist Joseph Castro who fixed his chipped tooth and gave him lunch. He writes about how he struggled to get a Sprint cell phone signal in our area and how he stopped at Target and Dick’s Sporting Goods to get items he needed to keep his globe inflated. A Quiznos manager gave him lunch and an elderly man interviewed him, taking notes on a Kleenex box. Today, he fought high winds and made it all the way to Price Seafood in Havre de Grace.

You an also follow him on Facebook. Click here to visit his page: