Red Pump Road to close for 2 months starting June 15


Oh no. This is going to be inconvenient. A BANV reader (thank you Tony!) just alerted me to a sign erected near where the entrance to the Red Pump Elementary School will be, just north of the Red Pump/Vale Road intersection. It says that Red Pump Road will be closed for two months starting on or about June 15. It’s Sunday, so I can’t reach anyone at the county just yet, but I suspect this closing has something to do with the roundabout the county has planned on Red Pump Road at the entrance to the Red Pump Elementary School property. A line item for a Red Pump Road roundabout is included in the county’s Proposed Capital Budget and Capital Improvement Plan for Fiscal Year 2010-2011. You can click here to see it: Looks like the total cost is expected to be $800,000. Perhaps this 2-month road closing has to do with getting that project started. If you know, please comment below and I’ll try to get more information when the county offices are open. See you ’round the detour!

Update 6/7:

It is a roundabout! I just heard back from Scott Kearby, Deputy Director of the Division of Construction Management for the county’s public works department. He tells me that construction of the roundabout is estimated to take about eight weeks. The good news is that they’re trying to finish before school starts again so that the buses don’t have to be rerouted. So, they have incentive. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the weather holds up and this gets done on time.