Blueberries are on sale and plentiful right now. Got any good blueberry recipes to share?


I got a little carried away by blueberries today. The Rock Spring Road Giant store in Forest Hill was selling four boxes of blueberries for $5 and it seemed like such a good deal, I bought four boxes. Who doesn’t like blueberries, right? But then as I’m pulling them out of my grocery bags back at home, it occurs to me that we have to consume four pints of blueberries, rather quickly. They don’t keep for very long. As luck would have it, the Taste section in today’s Baltimore Sun has a story on blueberries along with some rather unusual recipes for Blueberry Onion Marmalade Over Grilled Lemon Chicken and Local Blueberry and Chard saute with bacon and honey. Click here to see the story and recipes and video about a couple of local blueberry farmers. The Sun also has a list of blueberry recipes in its recipe archive including everything from Blueberry Lime Salsa to Blueberry Freezer Jam. Click here to see it.

If anyone has a favorite blueberry recipe they’d like to share, please leave a comment below. Or, even better a link to the recipe if you found it online. Thanks!

And, don’t forget the Harford Friends School is holding its annual Blueberry Festival Saturday, July 17 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Deer Creek Friends Meetinghouse, 1212 Main Street in Darlington.