Watervale Bridge replacement project to start this spring, continue for eight months

photo by Richard Weatherby of bridgehunter.com

The Aegis has a story in this morning’s paper about the $2.2 million Watervale Bridge replacement project. The story says the project will start this coming spring. It is expected to take eight months to replace the historic bridge over Winters Run used by many residents to get from Fallston to Bel Air. The bridge is one of he oldest highway bridges in continuous use in Harford County and the county is planning to move it to Havre de Grace to be used as a trail footbridge possibly in McLhinney Park, but the details on that are still being negotiated. Jeff Stratmeyer, chief engineer for the county’s Highways and Water Resources Division told the 25 area residents who attended a meeting on the topic Tuesday night that the new bridge would have low sides that match the road surface and no major supporting structures underneath. Residents had expressed concerns that they wanted the one-lane bridge to remain. It won’t. The new bridge will have two lanes. He said that although a roundabout was discussed for the area, it will not be part of the project. (There is a stream there and a need for high embankments.) Retaining walls will be added to stabilize the stream bank as part of the project. The bridge, which has a deteriorating wood plank deck, was replaced with a temporary one-lane structure last year. According to this timetable, the new bridge will still be under construction when the nearby Red Pump Elementary School is scheduled to open in the fall of 2011, meaning there will be a need for good alternate routes. If you have one to suggest, please do in the comments below.
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