A little file corruption and a lot of thank yous

I wanted to take a moment to thank some people for their help and patience during my week-long battle with some corrupt computer files that sent my new Hewlett-Packard laptop into an endless loop of “Windows Explorer has stopped working….Windows Explorer is restarting.”  First, I’d like to thank my Bel Air News & Views readers for enduring a lack of posting during this dark period. Then, I’d like to thank my Twitter friends Bob and Jason, who suggested the problem might have something to do with a recent software update, and Scott of Foundations Technologies who took time out of his weekend to talk me out of throwing my HP Notebook out of a window and suggested a couple of ways to check the health of its hard drive. Thank you to Michelle of Sunbelt Software who helped me determine that the problem was not a virus or spyware but rather corrupt files. She suggested I perform a system restore, which is not as scary as it sounds, but failed to resolve the problem. Another thanks to Mohd of HP customer support who walked me through several rescue attempts, including the unsuccessful system restore and finally through a complete system recovery, which wiped out all my data and restored my laptop to its factory settings, which is as scary as it sounds. I’d like to thank my Western Digital external hard drive, which appears to have saved my data and restored it to its original places on my lobotomized laptop. Thank you to my husband and children, who endured hours of watching me sit at the computer with a phone to my ear trying to undo this mess. Finally, I’d like to thank my trusty 4-year-old Toshiba Satellite, on which I’m writing this now. Its little single-core M Celeron processor might be frustratingly slow, but it has never given me as much trouble as its fancy new HP,  Windows 7, Intel Core i3-330M Processor sibling we brought home just a couple months ago.