Groceries from Mars? Produce from Target! Where did Produce Depot go?


It’s looking more and more like we could have groceries from Mars in our future. The rumor that a Mars Super Market will replace the Superfresh store that vacated its corner spot in Bel Air Plaza in February 2009 has been growing louder lately. I’ve been calling Mars headquarters and they haven’t been returning my calls, so I don’t know if the deal is complete. However, I spoke with a representative from the plaza’s leasing company this morning who told me that Mars is one of the grocery stores that Superfresh is talking to about the site. He’s fielded calls from architects working for other local and regional stores inquiring about specifications for the site, but he didn’t divulge what stores they represented. Superfresh, whose owner yesterday announced it would be closing 25 stores in five states this year, still controls the space and will make the decision on who will eventually fill it.

In other news, it looks like Produce Depot might have has closed less than a year after opening in the former Easterns Automotive building on Belair Road. I’ve been trying to get in touch with the owner to find out for sure. Owner Patricia Borlie told me today (8/18) that she has closed her business. BANV readers who stopped by this weekend found it empty. Its website says the account has been suspended and some of the local vendors who sold produce there were talking about the closing on Facebook during the past few days. If anyone hears anything more, please let me know.

It looks like the Bel Air Target will be stepping in to fill the produce void — though I don’t imagine the produce will be local. Signs on the front of the store announce that Target will be selling produce starting this October. This will be convenient for parents shopping with kids. One-stop shopping is so much easier than having to load everyone in and out of their car seats over and over.