Real Housewives of Bel Air to meet tonight at Liberatore’s


Move over Real Housewives of New Jersey, and New York and D.C. and all those other big cities. We have our own Real Housewives of Bel Air. It’s a Facebook group started by Heather Comeau Ziehland her friends that has grown exponentially since she started it with four friends last spring as a bit of an inside joke. The group includes 172 local women (including me! Heather just invited me to join. Thank you!). The group description reads: “This is an up-close and personal look at the fabulous women of Bel Air’s social elite! These driven and ambitious women balance busy home lives, motherhood, demanding careers, school and a fast-paced social calendar! No sweats and scrunchies here” (Whoops. Just pulled mine out;-))The group now has a life off line as well. They’re meeting tonight, as they do every third Tuesday at Liberatore’s in Bel Air at 7 p.m. for happy hour and a “Wild Wife Martini” with a pink glow stick. You can identify a Real Housewife of Bel Air by her black ribbed tank top bearing the group’s name. Ziehl had the first few made for her close friends last April when she got married in Las Vegas. Now it seems dozens of their Facebook members are posting pictures of themselves wearing them. Click here for more info on tonight’s event.