The Great Wall of Wegmans


I’ve been hearing a lot about the retaining wall that has been built at the site of the Wegmans we’re awaiting in Abingdon. Tonight I had the chance to drive by and I have to say, that is one impressive wall. The 1,320 foot long retaining wall stretches from Rte. 924 all the way to Box Hill Corporate Center Drive, where it wraps around the corner and keeps on going. Its 45 feet tall at its highest point and it spans an area over 42,000 square feet. The wall, built by Griffith Brothers is rather nice looking, as far as retaining walls go. It’s topped with what looks like a wrought iron fence and its built of three different colored bands of stone to give it some visual interest. Of course, once Wegmans is built, we won’t even notice the huge wall. Wegmans is going to be the first tenant of the Boulevard at Box Hill project that will include 700,000 square feet of retail, office, and restaurant space. As of this month, grading of Wegmans’ 20 acre parcel is almost finished. Construction of the store itself is scheduled to start next month and to be completed in 2012, according to the Boulevard at Box Hill website.