Try a new sport this season and check out the Maryland Fencing Club’s open house Saturday, Sept. 4


Want your kids to try something new this year? Introduce them to the the sport of fencing. Competitive fencer Greg Paye offers lessons at the Maryland Fencing Club, at 3011 Emmorton Rd. Abingdon. Fencing, an Olympic sport that evolved from 16th century European sword dueling, combines the speed of boxing, the strategy of chess, and the agility of gymnastics. You can check it out at the club’s open house Saturday, Sept. 4 from noon to 3 p.m. Fencing club members will be demonstrating the modern Olympic sport of fencing, answering questions, and showing visitors the basics of the sport. Visitors will be able to sign-up for beginner classes that start Monday, September 6. To learn more about the Maryland Fencing Club and the sport of fencing, visit their website at

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