Bel Air business comings and goings


First the goings. You might have noticed Spenceola Antiques in the Rock Spring Shopping Center is gone. It’s kind of the end of a era. Whenever my mother came to visit, she always made sure to stop at Spenceola Antiques and wander its aisles of vintage toys and furniture, looking for things she remembered from her childhood. My kids loved picking marbles from that big stone urn that used to sit at the end of one aisle. I hear the marketplace of vendors closed Aug. 31, but I haven’t been able to reach one of its owners to get the whole story. If anyone knows what happened or what might replace it, let me know. Over on Facebook, I’m hearing we’d like to see a Panera or a Trader Joe’s in there. It sure is a huge space. Hope it doesn’t stay vacant for long.

Chip’s Pizza at 1510 Rock Spring has left us as well. However, it looks like Chip’s Pizza will soon be replaced by Brother’s Pizza, according to a sign posted on the door. Also, if you peek inside the window, “Welcome to Brother’s Pizza!” is written on the blackboard behind the counter.

Speaking of pizza, Tommy Tom’s in the Bel Air Town Center (next to the closed Mattress Discounters) looks like it’s closed, but a message on their answering machine indicates that they’ll be open again soon. It says:

“Thanks for calling Tommy Tom’s Pizza & Grill. We apologize for any inconvenience, bur our shop is closed at the moment and will reopen. Please join us for our grand reopening coming soon.”

But one place rapidly heading back into business is the Rock Spring McDonald’s. I was surprised to see that the renovation involved leveling the old structure and replacing it from the foundation on up. Today, I noticed the walls are going up.