Welcome to Bel Air News & Views new website


Bel Air News & Views has a new website. How do you like it? I hope you’ll find it easier to use than the old site. You’ll see the latest posts right up here in this space and if you want to read more, just click on the headline above.  All my recent posts are over there in the box on the right so you can click on a headline and see what else I’ve written about this week. The coolest part is the sections below. I’ll be switching those up from time to time. I have four years of content on this site and this new format makes it easy for you to browse through it by category. Interested in birthday party ideas? There’s a category for that. Want to know when to sign up for indoor soccer? Check the Sports & Rec category. Matt at E-Moxie Data Solutions, Inc. handled the transition for me. Anything you were looking for on the old blog, should be right here and easy to find. If you have any problems or suggestions, please let me know. Interested in advertising? I now have plenty of room for ads and plenty of categories where I can feature your business whether it has to do with food, sports, shopping, etc. Any questions, suggestions, please let me know at stacey@belairnewsandviews.com. As always, thanks for reading!