Where I was on that clear blue sky day nine years ago


I was on vacation in Bethany Beach on Sept. 11, 2001. Everyone is sharing their stories of where they were nine years ago today. I shared mine on this blog five years ago. You can click here to see if you’d like. It’s too sad to keep repeating. I didn’t lose anyone close to me that day and I was comforted to have many of my family members together with me at that frightening time. But all our lives were forever changed. The photo above is of my son, then 3, at the Rehoboth Beach bandstand a few days after the attack.
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He told me today he vaguely remembers trying to close the cabinet doors over the TV that had all the adults riveted that day. He said he’s never seen footage of the event and would like to.
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I’ll have to go find some for him. He’s 11 now, so it’s time he know about one of the events that so tragically shaped the world we now live in.