How to learn a little more about the candidates before Election Day


It’s time. After all the campaign signs, commercials and robo-calls, Nov.
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2nd is almost here. You have one day left before you’ll be facing that ballot with all those names. While you may be sure who you plan to vote for in some of the races, once your finger is hovering over that electronic ballot, you may realize there are some races you haven’t given too much thought.

If you want to do a little election day voting prep, get a sneak peak at your sample ballot at the Harford County Board of Elections website. (You likely received one in the mail last week like I did. But, yeah, I can’t find mine now either.) Click here to see the list of voting  locations. Click on yours to see the candidates and races you’ll be voting for. Now, if you feel like you need to know a bit more about any of them, click here to see the League of  Women’s Voters’ Harford County General Election Voters’ Guide. Look for the name of any candidate you’d like to know more about.
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The league asked all candidates for each office the same questions and most of the candidates provided written answers that appear on the site.

To make voting easier, the league says you can print out their voters guide check list and take it along to the polling place. Click here to see the check list.

Happy voting!