Harford County Public Schools elementary redistricting plan to be made public on the district’s website tonight


Tonight’s the night we learn whether our children are scheduled to switch elementary schools next year. The Harford County Public Schools elementary school redistricting plan is to be posted on the district’s Elementary Redistricting page when their last focus group meeting ends tonight. You can click here to see it. According to the district’s website: “An email address will be posted next to the plan that will allow you to provide any comments or feedback. The website will allow the entire community complete access to the DRAFT plan and an opportunity to comment via email.”

The plan that will be made public tonight is not yet final. The district’s Superintendent’s Technical Advisory Committee (STAC), which devised the plan with input from focus groups at each of the district’s 32 elementary schools, is to consider all feedback and make any necessary changes before the plan is presented to the Board of Education at the end of November. At that point, the district’s Board of Education steps in and is to hold regional community meetings and public hearings in December, January, and February. The Board will vote on the plan at the end of February to meet the March 1st deadline to have the redistricting plan in place in time for the start of the 2011-2012 school year.

The draft plan was revealed to the members of the focus groups from each school early this week. When the last group finishes seeing it tonight, it is scheduled to be posted on the district’s website.

I’ll be watching for it and I’ll let you know when it goes live.

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