Motion Evolution teaches kids about nutrition and healthy lifestyles at Aqua Culture Swim School


From Aqua Culture Swim School:

Every parent can agree that making decisions regarding how to keep your children healthy and happy is easily a top priority, but sometimes difficult to do.  How do I find activities that they enjoy AND will keep them active?  What foods will they be willing to eat that are affordable AND nutritious?  It is challenging enough to keep yourself on track let alone be responsible for the schedules and habits of your children.  It is understandable to feel overwhelmed, but you can ensure that your family stays healthy if you seek out a little help.

Motion Evolution is a comprehensive youth fitness program that is being introduced all over the country to help kids and their families learn how to become healthy and fit.  More importantly, they learn how to stay healthy and fit on their own, providing lifelong skills and education for your child.  All the while they are having fun and being active too!  With childhood obesity rates climbing, and associated health risks compounding, there is no greater investment in your child’s future than giving them confidence and independence to maintain their own fitness.  You may be surprised how much you can learn yourself!

As a Motion Evolution participant, your child will engage in fun and challenging activities to improve their physical fitness while teaching them about nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle.  Students are encouraged to achieve their personal best, not compete with their peers.

Motion Evolution is now being offered at Aqua Culture Swim School in Forest Hill.  Visit our website for more information or contact us to register for the new term in January!  We’re on Facebook too!
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