Parents upset about Harford County’s elementary school redistricting plan to speak at Monday’s Board of Education meeting


Red Pump Elementary School scheduled to open August 2011

The elementary school redistricting process that has some parents calling for its cancellation or delay isn’t on the Harford County Public Schools Board of Education meeting agenda Monday night. But, the board can expect to hear from parents nonetheless. Several members of the umbrella group “Harford County Residents Against Redistricting” plan to attend the meeting and express their concerns about how the redistricting of 33 elementary schools was planned and carried out. The school board isn’t the only government body that will be hearing this week from parents upset about the plan devised to relieve overcrowding and fill the Red Pump Elementary School now under construction.  The group also plans to speak at Tuesday’s Harford County Council meeting. Parents want to know the criteria the Superintendent’s Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) used to devise the plan and they are asking for the data the committee considered so that they can propose alternate plans. According to a report in The Dagger, one parent filed a Freedom of Information request for GIS shape files and data sets used in drawing up the redistricting maps. (See a copy of the request below.) The district denied the parent’s initial request. Click here to read The Dagger’s story. Monday’s school board meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. at the A. A. Roberty Building, 102 S. Hickory Ave. Click here for details:

Click here for information on the school’s redistricting process: