New Women’s Giving Circle of Harford County aims to empower and mentor women as community leaders


Just got this press release about a new charitable women’s organization that helps women develop as community leaders and facilitates collaborative giving:

BEL AIR, MARYLAND: JANUARY 31. 2011: A group of community-oriented Harford County women have founded a new charitable women’s support organization, called the Women’s Giving Circle of Harford County. According to co-founder and Chairman Jayne Klein, “Our vision is to empower and mentor women as they develop as community leaders, and at the same time bring about change through collaborative giving.”
A number of the founding members of the Harford County organization gathered recently for a photo. Pictured, left to right, Kathy Beck, Drew Cook, Gretta  McGill, Terry Troy, Marlene Lieb (co-founder and Secretary), Tamera Rush, Jayne Klein (co-founder and co-Chairman), Susie Bowser, Pat Hogan, Jodi Davis, Julie Cox. Other members include M. Teresa Garland (Vice Chairman), Orsia Young, Jane Howe, Kim Wagner and Debbie Williams.
Specific goals of the Women’s Giving Circle, according to Klein, are to make a difference in Harford County through the contribution of time, talent, and financial resources to women’s and family needs; to educate and increase the community’s awareness of local needs; and to provide social opportunities and educational events for members. “The Women’s Giving Circle will not only raise funds for specific community needs, but also will administer grants to non-profit organizations in Harford County on a yearly basis, working through the Community Foundation of Harford County,” Klein says.
Membership is open to all women of Harford County who wish to further the mission and goals of the Women’s Giving Circle through personal volunteerism and financial support. For more information, please contact Tamara W. Zavislan, Executive Director of the Community Foundation of Harford County, at 443-371-6062, or via e-mail at