Final Harford County Public Schools elementary redistricting vote scheduled for Monday night


This time, it might really happen. The Harford County Board of Education is scheduled to vote on the final elementary school redistricting plan at its Monday, March 14 meeting scheduled for 7 p.m. in the A.A. Roberty Building, 102 S. Hickory Avenue. (Click here to see the agenda.) They were going to do it at their Feb. 28 meeting, but decided to postpone the vote to give the public time to see the 10 changes it made to the plan that would send 11 percent of the district’s 17,524 elementary students to different schools next year. Those 10 changes are listed below.

According to a story in The Aegis, the 1,928 elementary school students affected by the plan to fill the new Red Pump Elementary School and balance enrollment districtwide, includes 290 fourth graders, who, the board decided, can opt to stay at their current schools to finish 5th grade. The district would provide transportation for those rising fifth-graders where necessary, The Aegis reported.

Parents can still submit their input to

Once the plan to fill the new Red Pump Elementary School and balance enrollment districtwide is approved, the district has a plan for carrying out the transition in place. It involves letters to parents, special spring open houses for students changing schools and a plan for transferring student records. Click here for more details.

Click here to see all the redistricting details, including enrollment maps for each school at

Here are the 10 changes made to the redistricting plan at the board’s last meeting:

  • Approved the following amendments to the Proposed Elementary Redistricting Plan subject to final approval on March 14, 2011:
    • Amendment 1 – Return Trestle Road area to Forest Hill Elementary School from North Bend Elementary School and North Harford Elementary School, to include parcels on west side of Rocks Road up to Brocks Road, including Stone Haven Drive and Azure Court.  Include Parcels up to and including those on Brocks Way.
    • Amendment 2 – Return Fountain Green Heights area to Fountain Green Elementary School.  Return Campus Hills Estates area to Prospect Mill Elementary School.  Return Goat Hill Road area to Churchville Elementary School.
    • Amendment 3 – Return northeast area of Rte. 40 to Hall’s Cross Roads Elementary School from Roye Williams Elementary School.  Moving special programs to Roye Williams with the capacity will open up with these moves.
    • Amendment 4 – Return Upper Crest/Chambers Circle to Homestead/Wakefield from Prospect Mill Elementary School.
    • Amendment 5 – Move northern boundary of Jarrettsville ES to area south of Parcels on Troyer Road between Harford Creamery and Norrisville Road, from Norrisville Elementary School.
    • Amendment 6 – Extend north western boundary of Youth’s Benefit ES from Baldwin Mill Road (165) to Rutledge Road, between Mountain Road (152) and Charles Street, including Nelson Lane.
    • Amendment 7 –
      • Move area northeast of Route 40 to Joppatowne ES from Abingdon ES.
      • Move area between Route 40 and I-95, east of Mountain Road from Riverside ES to Joppatowne ES.
      • Return the area south of Trimble Road, from the eastern edge of the Magnolia ES/Deerfield ES boundary to Magnolia ES.
      • Return the L-shaped “Seven Oaks” area north of Hanson Road, and, move Stoneleigh Square area north of Hanson Road to Edgewood ES from Riverside ES.
      • Return the area south of Trimble Road, Foster Branch Road, and Joppa Farm road, east of Joppatowne ES boundary back to Riverside ES.
      • Return Long Bar Harbor area to William Paca/Old Post Road ES from Deerfield ES.
      • Move West Shore area to Deerfield ES from Edgewood ES.
    • Amendment 8 – Return area south of Conowingo Road and east of Hughes at the northwest section of the current Darlington ES to Dublin ES.
    • Amendment 9 –
      • Move area north of Harkins Road (136) from Rocks Road (24) to St. Paul Church Road, including Picker Dr., from North Bend ES to Norrisville ES.
      • Move area northwest of Eden Mill Road and North Telegraph Road to Norrisville ES.
    • Amendment 10 –
      • Move parcels on both sides of Stepney Road from I-95 to Rte. 40 to George D. Lisby at Hillsdale Elementary from Church Creek ES.
      • Return students on west side of Spesutia Road from Rte. 40 to Perryman Road to Church Creek ES.
    • Grandfathering – Fifth grade students (approximately 290 students) only at the option of the parents with transportation provided by Harford County Public Schools.
    • Boundary Exceptions – Maintain current Boundary Exception policy with strict enforcement of that policy.

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