Walmart representatives met with county officials about possibly building a store at Route 924 and Plumtree Road


Two Walmart representatives met with Harford County officials March 7 to take the first step toward possibly bringing a Walmart to the southwest intersection of Route 924 and Plumtree Road. Alex Rawls, a county planner who attended that meeting, said this meeting, called a “scoping meeting”, is the very first step in the process.  He said the Walmart representatives had a concept plan for a super store at that site. The meeting, which included representatives from the county’s department of public works and state highway administration, was held to determine which intersections Walmart would need to review in order to present the county with a traffic impact study. The study is required in order to request approvals to build at the site. Rawls says not every company that has such a meeting follows through with plans to build. And, he didn’t have a time frame for when Walmart might want to build the store. The Fallston Walmart that just opened March 16 submitted its traffic study back in 2004. If Walmart does plan to move forward, Rawls said the next step would be for Walmart to complete and submit its traffic study. The company might also submit materials to the county’s Development Advisory Committee. Agendas for that committee’s meetings are available online at I’ll work on finding out more…