Rabbinical students to spend the summer with the Chabad of Harford County


Chabad of Harford County in Bel Air is hosting two rabbinical students who will spend the summer sharing their passion for Jewish life with the Bel Air community. Here are the details of the visit provided by director of Chabad in Harford County Rabbi Kushi Schusterman:

Eliyahu Cowen and Eliyahu Tsvik two rabbinical students just arrived in Harford County for 2-3 weeks. The Eli & Eli Duo are just 2 of hundreds rabbinical students and young rabbis who spend their summers on the road, sharing their passion for Jewish life and bringing Jewish awareness and observance wherever they go. Chabad of Harford County, the newest Jewish Center in Harford County located in the heart of Bel Air has partnered with Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch to make this possible.

“Our goal when we moved to Bel Air was to make Judaism accessible to all regardless of their background, affiliation or financial status” Schusterman said “Just like there is a need for clean water to be accessible in Africa there is a need for Judaism to be accessible outside of major metropolitan areas.” Rabbi Schusterman is the director of Chabad in Harford County These dedicated students, chosen for their rabbinic proficiency and people skills, vie for the honor of assisting the most faraway and isolated communities. These summer assignments also afford them with an invaluable on-the-ground experience in Jewish outreach and a unique appreciation for the diverse needs and colorful makeup of our nation. Merkos began the program In 1943, to deepen the connection of remote American Jews to their people and their religion. Under the leadership of the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of righteous memory the summer visitation program, which began with visits to ten cities in Upstate New York in 1943 grew to visits in thousands of cities in over one hundred and fifty countries. Including Sardinia, Italy; The Dakotas; Bosnia; Beijing, China; Des Plains, IL; Kauai, HI; Wales, UK.and of course right here in Bel Air, Maryland. Back then many of the students spent months on the road, often subsiding on matzah, canned fish, and vegetables for weeks on end. But then again that’s a small sacrifice when your passion is to make Judaism accessible, inviting and relevant to every Jew, everywhere. The hundreds of young students who participate in this annual program stand on the forefront of Jewish life. They visit thousands of outposts in Asia, Europe, the Americas and beyond. Their luggage consists of kosher food, Jewish books and educational material, as well as tefillin, mezuzot and other religious articles. All in all, thousands of mezuzot and ten of thousands of Jewish information packets are distributed each year in thousands of communities. In a small town in Serbia, the tiny Jewish community had a shofar but no one knew how and when it was to be blown. In Ontario, a thought provoking Torah class provides Jewish food for thought. In Wisconsin, a young family basks in the joyful atmosphere created by the Shabbatons arranged by the young visitors.

In many places, they have become an integral part of the fabric of Jewish life, as their yearly visits have become a much-anticipated highlight of, and source of inspiration for the entire year.To Contact The Student Rabbis call them on their cell phones as they are out and about visiting people Their numbers are Eli C. 412-390-6481 and Eli T. 908-906-0836.

If you get a machine leave a message and they will call you back as soon as they have a free moment or you can call the Chabad Office at 443-353-9718 and they will help arrange a meeting.
Chabad of Harford County is at 102 North Main Street Suite B1 in Bel Air.
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