Students’ work on display at tonight’s 41st Annual Art Show at Bel Air High School


Bel Air High School is hosting its 41st Annual Art Show tonight at 7 p.m. at the school, 100 Heighe Street. The artwork featured in the show was selected by the high school art students and awards were given for the best works. Bel Air High School English Teacher Anthony Blackburn sent along a copy of a story about the art show written by students Aaron Degener and Elliott Miller and published in the high school paper The Bellarion. I’m republishing their story here. Click here to see samples of the students’ artwork featured in the latest issue of the Bellarion:


41st Annual Art Show

By: Aaron Degener and Elliott Miller

The 41st annual Art show will be hosted at Bel Air High School on April 26th, 2012. The Art show will be begin at 7:00 p.m. The Bel Air High School Art Department Chairperson, Mrs. Laura Crocker says that there are “several categories, including Drawing, Painting, Crafts and Sculptures, as well as one for first year art students. Each category has a first, second, and third place and 2-4 Honorable Mention place winners; one student is awarded the best of show.” The projects to be entered into the show were selected by students in the art classes. Students are allowed to enter up to 4 pieces of their art, but usually Fine Art Prep students only enter 1-2 pieces. Sometimes when there is enough money a guest judge is hired to judge the pieces. If not a blind voting process is used instead. “Each student who makes the juried show receives a certificate and each student who places receives an additional special certificate.”  To enter into the Art Show you must be currently enrolled in an art class.


For those students who cannot attend the art show, the Bobcat Gallery will be open all the time in room C315. Students currently enrolled in art classes have been going to the gallery to vote for the People’s Choice Awards. Students who have been accepted into the art show are allowed to bring friends in to show them their accomplishments. Mrs. Crocker also wants all students to know that, “Each year I create two PowerPoint’s that run on the school’s Electronic Bulletin Board on the T.V.’s. The first PowerPoint contains photographic slides of each piece of student art work that made the juried show; as well as their name, grade, title of the piece, and media used. The second PowerPoint contains photographic images of all the placed winner’s artwork.”