Harford County Task Force arrests 21, disrupts drug gang operating in area


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The Harford County Sheriff’s Office held a press conference today at its Southern Precinct to detail the arrests made by the Harford County Task Force in connection with a street gang selling drugs in the area. They released the following information:

Harford County Task Force Investigation Concludes
Removing More than $600,000 Worth Of Drugs from The Streets

October 4, 2012 – Bel Air, MD) In late 2011, the Harford County Task Force (HCTF), a member of the Office of National Drug Control Policy’s Washington/Baltimore HIDTA region began investigating the street gang World’s Most Dangerous, AKA: “WMD” whose members were selling crack/base cocaine in and around the Edgewood community of Harford County. In addition to the ongoing street sales of crack cocaine, WMD members were also responsible for several Harford County street robberies and other acts of violence.

In February 2012, the Harford County Task Force was able to develop sufficient probable cause to successfully obtain a wiretap order for several members of WMD. The investigation involved the wiretaps of multiple phone lines, spanning from Harford County to Atlanta, GA, of suspected cocaine dealers and suppliers. This investigation resulted in the dismantling of the WMD drug organization, their suppliers, drug traffickers in Baltimore City and their wholesale suppliers in Atlanta, GA.

As a result of the wiretap investigation, a total of fifteen (15) search and seizure warrants were executed in Harford County, Baltimore County, Baltimore City and Atlanta, GA. A total of 4.5 kilograms of powder cocaine, 2 kilograms of raw heroin, and 2.4 lbs. of marijuana were seized with a combined street value of over $680,000. Additionally, one (1) handgun, two (2) vehicles and over $ 100,000 in US cash were seized as a result of this investigation.

A collaborative effort between the Harford County Task Force members to include the Harford County Sheriff’s Office, Maryland State Police, DEA, Harford County State’s Attorney’s Office, Bel Air Police Department, Aberdeen Police Department and the Havre de Grace Police Department and in cooperation with resources from the FBI, Baltimore City Police Department Aviation, Baltimore County Police Department, the US Attorney’s Office, US Marshal Service, MSP Fugitive Squad, US Army RAID Aviation Team, the DEA in Atlanta, GA, and the US Attorney’s Office, effectively dismantled the WMD drug trafficking organization in May of 2012. The successful completion of this investigation dealt a blow to the flow of cocaine and crack cocaine into the Baltimore metro and Harford County communities. “This has a huge impact on stemming the flow of drugs into Harford County,” stated Lt. Lee Dunbar of the Harford County Task Force. “We are sending the message that if you are going to sell drugs, dangerous drugs, in Harford County; we are going to be relentless in our pursuit of you and your organization.”

Twenty-one (21) individuals, alleged to be dangerous drug dealers, traffickers, gang members and gang associates were arrested and/or indicted during the course of this investigation. Eight (8) individuals were indicted federally for various drug trafficking charges. Thirteen (13) individuals were indicted by the state for various drug trafficking and sales charges for mid-level and street level drug trafficking. (Note: an indictment is not a finding of guilt.  An individual charged by indictment is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty at some later criminal proceedings.)

 “We’ve pretty much disrupted the WMD gang set in Harford County,” Sheriff L. Jesse Bane stated. “We are sending the message that if you think because you belong in a gang, or you’ve been dealing drugs in Harford County a long time, you’re immune. You’re not. Sooner or later we’re going to get you. The arrest of so many key players and the removal of drugs make the streets and communities safer,” Bane said.

 The investigation also rendered the necessary intelligence to capture one of Harford County’s Most Wanted individuals, Isaiah Sibert, who had fled the Harford County jurisdiction due to multiple outstanding arrest warrants from previous Harford County Task Force investigations, as well as the capture of Waymond Harrison, who was arrested in California on charges stemming from a previous Harford County Task Force wiretap investigation.


State Charges: (various CDS Distribution and Conspiracy charges)


  • Ronald Bates*, age 22, Aberdeen, MD
  • Shalon Coleman, age 30, Havre de Grace, MD
  • Jamie Dixon*, age 32, Edgewood MD
  • Lawrence Sterling Fox, age 27, Edgewood MD
  • Conrad Gaylord*, age 19, Edgewood MD
  • Andrea Griffin, age 22, Edgewood MD
  • Mercede C. Jacobson, age 20, Edgewood MD
  • Dashawn Robinson*, age 22 Edgewood MD
  • Alexander Manuel*, age 20, Edgewood, MD
  • Willie McKie, age 25, Churchville MD
  • Melissa Marie Ryan, age 20, Edgewood MD
  • Coty Wilson*, age 21, Fallston MD
  • Waymond Harrison, age 30 Arrested in California, facing local cocaine distribution charges
  • Jermale Bolling, age 34 Arrested in Texas, facing local cocaine distribution charges
  • Isaiah Sibert, age 20, Was at one time listed as one of “Harford County’s Most Wanted.”

Total Seized:

  • Cocaine: 4,577 grams (4.5 kilograms / 9.9lbs)
  • Heroin: 2,000 grams (2 kilograms / 4.4 lbs)
  • Marijuana: 1060 grams (2.4 lbs)
  • Over $ 100,000 in US currency
  • 1 Handgun recovered
  • 2 vehicles

The Harford County Task Force formed in 1988 consists of Harford County HCTF - public useSheriff ‘s Office, Maryland State Police, Harford County State’s Attorney’s Office, Aberdeen Police Department, Bel Air Police Department,  Havre de Grace Police Department and the DEA focuses on the larger and more complex narcotic and vice investigations that take place throughout the County. This task force conducts criminal investigations, targeting high-level drug traffickers, importers, and money laundering organizations.