Animal Control Officers Patricia Cantler and Daniel Williams Named Harford County Employees of the Month for March


Two animal control officers who went beyond the call of duty to reunite a beagle and its owner were recognized as this month’s Harford County Employee of the Month. Here are the details:

Animal Control Officers Cantler and Williams Named Employee of the Month for March

(Bel Air, MD) – – Harford County Executive David R. Craig has announced that Officers Patricia Cantler and Daniel Williams of the Department of Inspections, Licenses and Permits, Animal Control, have been named “Employee of the Month” for March 2013. The two employees were nominated for the award by Pamela Arney, Chief Officer with Animal Control.

Officers Cantler and Williams were nominated for their actions in December 2012 that assisted a homeowner catch his dog, a beagle that had gotten loose and become lost. The officers assisted the dog’s owner by setting a trap for the dog and repeatedly checked the trap over the course of several days in early December until the dog was found in the trap where she had gone in search of food. The dog was returned to its owner in good condition as a result of the actions by Officers Cantler and Williams.

In her nomination of the two Animal Control officers, Chief Arney stated, “Since this was an owned dog, the Animal Control unit did not have to respond to the call. We will however, lend traps out to citizens who have lost their animals if we have one available. These two officers not only set up the trap but also baited the trap and checked it daily for several days in an effort to help catch the pet. Both officers went beyond what they had to do because they wanted to try to catch the beagle named Jolene”.

Commenting on the efforts of Animal Control Officers Cantler and Williams, the dog’s owner, Ken and Sheila Meyd, said, “We would like to take the opportunity to express our profound gratitude for the efforts of the Animal Control Officers which resulted in the recovery of our Beagle Jolene. The dedication of Officers Cantler and Williams and the concern and respect that they have for animals was obvious during this nine day event”.

In their response to being chosen as “Employee of the Month” for March, Officer Cantler said, “This is a job that rarely receives a thank you except from the animals that give you a certain look, a wag of their tail or even a lick on your hand. That is what makes this job worth it. I appreciate Harford County Government offering this award and I am honored to have received it”.

Officer Williams remarked, “It is a tremendous honor to be nominated and selected as “Employee of the Month”. I would like to give special thanks to Officer Patricia Cantler for her outstanding service to Harford County, Chief Officer Pamela Arney and Richard Lynch, Director of Inspections, Licenses and Permits for nominating me for this award”.

During the recognition ceremony honoring Animal Control Officers Cantler and Williams, County Executive Craig said, “I congratulate Officers Cantler and Williams for their dedication and commitment to duty which greatly assisted a family in being reunited with their beloved family pet. The work ethic and actions of Officers Cantler and Williams speak well of them, the Animal Control Unit and the Department of Inspections, Licenses and Permits as well”.