Bel Air chiropractor and pastor team up to provide free services to the needy

Dr. Evan R. Christman

A local chiropractor and pastor have teamed up to provide free chiropractic services to area people in need one Friday each month starting Aug. 8. Here are the details:


Local Chiropractor Dr. Evan R. Christman, owner of Christman Family Chiropractic in Bel Air, MD has teamed up with Pastor Luke Erickson and David Woods the Executive Director of the EPICENTER at Edgewood, to provide chiropractic services to local folks who need care and cannot afford it.

Dr. Christman said, “Over the last 17 years, as a chiropractor in Harford County, it has been clear that there are many people in our community that need but cannot afford chiropractic care due to serious financial hardship. I approached the EPICENTER at Edgewood because I wanted to make a difference in our community. Many Doctors donate their time in other countries through mission trips, which is great, but I wanted to help those in need in Harford County where my wife and I were born and raised.”
Pastor Luke Erickson, “This is a great opportunity, and we’re very excited that Dr. Christman is willing to offer this service. This is the type of resource that we were hoping we would be able to offer through The EPICENTER when we opened, since promoting health and wellness is one of our key initiatives. So it’s a blessing that Dr. Christman is able to do this, as we know that it can be challenging for families to find quality and affordable healthcare.”
On one Friday of each month Dr. Christman will be providing Chiropractic services for no charge at the EPICENTER at Edgewood.

The next scheduled opportunities are August 8th, September 12th, October 10th, November 14th and December 12th from 10:00am-1:00pm. Please call Christman Family Chiropractic at (410) 734-4060 to make an appointment or to find out future dates.

Dr. Evan Christman is a Chiropractor that focuses on an area called NeuroStructural Correction at his practice Christman Family Chiropractic, located in Bel Air, MD. In contrast to traditional chiropractors, Dr. Christman’s goal is directed toward the underlying instability of the spine, which is typically the root cause of many secondary conditions (symptoms) that could very well be traced back to instability of the spine and impingement of the spinal nerves. Dr. Christman can be reached (410) 734-4060 and