The BOOM Theatre Co. director Ryan Nicotra announces his resignation



Ryan Nicotra today announced he is resigning from his position as the Company Director of The BOOM Theatre Co. here are the details:

Ryan Antony Nicotra announced today that he is resigning from his position as the Company Director of The BOOM Theatre Co., based in Bel Air, MD. He plans to stay on as an advisor as the board selects a new leadership team. He has held this volunteer executive position since founding the company after graduating from Flagler College.

As the founding leader, Nicotra has developed twenty-nine unique projects since the company’s inception in 2011: many were world-premieres and new works. His legacy will include a growing and diverse board of directors, resident ensemble, and audience base.

Nicotra said he was honored to found and oversee the company for the first five years. “This experience has changed me in a profound way. I care very much for the BOOM family-we’ve all become closer than a company. I have treasured every moment of the many days and nights we have spent together making art that we hope will really speak to our community. I have always been aware of my role as founder, and that one of my major duties is to pass on leadership when the time is appropriate. This company was never mine to keep for myself. It belongs to the people of Harford County.”

When asked about Nicotra’s decision, Kelley Dilworth, President of BOOM’s Board of Directors, said: “At roughly half my age, Ryan’s ‘Old Soul’ sensibilities have blown me away since the day we met, nearly 5 years ago. I knew that anything he set his mind out to do would be great and I also knew I wanted to be a part of that greatness from the start.”

Ryan has earned praise for his commitment to new works, emerging artists, and supporting local students. His vulnerability workshops, designed for high school and college students, have reached over 3,000 young people. “I’ve seen people transform and be seen for the first time by those who have been around them for years. There’s something very specific and sacred that happens when a person is able to let others see them for exactly who they are”, Nicotra says.

“Ryan will continue to be an invaluable resource to the new leadership team and remain involved in some capacity with BOOM. No matter where life takes him, I am confident that the community that inherits the likes of Ryan Antony Nicotra will forever be changed and find itself in a better place than before his arrival”, Dilworth concluded.

The BOOM Theatre Co. is the hub for creative, smart, and challenging theatre in Harford County. BOOM is currently producing William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, directed by Nicotra. The production runs May 8-23 at the Unitarian Universalists of Fallston. The company will then produce The Journey of Thing Three, written and directed by Joshua Fletcher, and Circle Circle Dot Dot, written by Ryan Nicotra and directed by Samantha Allen.