Clyde the Basset Hound mix, Scruffy the cat and a rabbit named Azland are Pets of the Week at the Humane Society of Harford County


Pets of the Week available for adoption at the Humane Society of Harford County include Clyde the Basset Hound mix, Scruffy the cat and a rabbit named Azland. If you’d like to help the animals without adopting one, you can donate money for their care through the Humane Society’s website. You can visit them at Click here to follow them on Facebook. Or call them at (410) 836-1090. The shelter is at 2208 Connolly Road, Fallston, MD 21047.

 Look for the Lonely Hearts Club sticker affixed to the kennel cards of pets available for a discounted adoption fee. You can also see these pets here:


Dog of the Week – CLYDE

Age: 8 years

Color: Tricolor (Black, Brown & White)

Breed: Basset Hound Mix

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $95

Hey folks, I’m Clyde, the boy with the droopy eyes, short and stubby legs, big floppy ears, and an even bigger heart! If you met me before the shelter staff told you I was 8 years old, you’d be surprised for sure. I have plenty of energy and I love to go for walks so I can smell all the enticing scents along the way. I get along great with and would prefer the company of another dog. I’m not too fond of the felines, however, so if you have a cat, that’s a deal breaker for me. Please come and see me and my friends here at the shelter and consider adding a Basset hound to your family!



Cat of the Week – SCRUFFY

Ages: 10 years

Color: Orange

Breed: Domestic Shorthair Mix

Genders: Male

Adoption Fee: $25

Hi there, my name is Scruffy and I’m the biggest love bug I think you’ll ever meet! Nothing seems to faze me, and I just love everyone and everything. I get along great with other cats, and I enjoy napping throughout the day. If I’m asleep and you call my name, I stretch out from my sleeping spot and come over and say hello. I came to the shelter as a stray, and I’ve got some former battle scars, but I wear them with pride and I’m totally content to stay inside with you and enjoy the good life!



Small Critter of the Week – AZLAND

Age: 3 years

Color: Tan

Breed: Rabbit

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $25

Hey guys, I’m Azland, a very striking little man who has tufts of very soft fur around my head and neck that make me look so cute and cuddly!  I’m totally ready to hop into your heart and home. Is this love at first sight?  Before you come and adopt me, take some time to read up on rabbit care and make sure you’ll have plenty of time to devote to me. Our first few months with each other should be spent getting to know one another so we can develop a strong bond. Once we do, I will be comfortable coming to you for affection. If you’re ready for me, I’m ready to join your family!