Fallston and Bel Air High School students help make winning ice cream flavor in TIC Gums annual challenge


Fallston and Bel Air High School students helped created the winning ice cream flavor in the fifth annual Ice Cream University hosted by TIC Gums at the Texture Innovation Center in White Marsh. Their flavor, Farmer’s Fight, is to be sold Broom’s Bloom Dairy in the coming weeks. Here are the details provided:

TIC Gums and Cornell University Award 2018 Ice Cream University Winner

College-bound students create a winning ice cream and marketing campaign

WHITE MARSH, MD. (May 21, 2018) — Sixteen local high school students with interests in science, culinary and marketing participated in the fifth annual Ice Cream University hosted by TIC Gums at the Texture Innovation Center in White Marsh, MD. The program is modeled after Cornell University’s Food Science 101 course, a requirement for incoming freshman of the College of Food Science. TIC Gums sponsored each student’s $500 program fee and provided home ice cream makers upon program completion.

The winning ice cream flavor, named Farmer’s Fight, was created by Trey Wooten of Patapsco High School; Jonathon Parks of Fallston High School; and Anthony Sulinski of Bel Air High School.

Tim Andon, Business Development Manager at TIC Gums and Cornell alumnus, led the five week course. “We are so excited to be hosting our sixth annual Ice Cream University. Year-over-year, this program has meant so much to TIC Gums and our mission to educate the public about food science. We want to make kids excited about the food industry and inspire them to ask more questions and discover a potentially unknown passion,” said Andon.

The five-week long program featured three areas of focus. The first weeks of study were dedicated to scientific principles, such as emulsions, overrun calculation, ice crystal formation and statistical know-how for tracking and maintaining quality. The attention then turned to flavor selection and inclusions, like nuts, chocolate or fruit. Finally, the students shifted focus to finalizing the product packaging and marketing. During the last session, students presented their flavor and branding to the judges.

The students’ ice cream and marketing presentations were judged on Saturday, May 5 by a tasting panel. Farmer’s Flight, a mixed berry, green tea ice cream with honey crunches, will be produced by the students and sold in the coming weeks at Broom’s Bloom Dairy located in Harford County.