Bel Air Independence Day competition winners announced


The Bel Air Independence Day Committee announced the winners of the competitions it hosted throughout Bel Air early in the day July 4. For parade winners, visit Here are the details provided:

Bel Air Independence Day Celebration 2019 – Daytime Event Winners

All events were free and open to the public. Every effort has been made to spell the names of the winners correctly, and we apologize for any errors. 

Horseshoe Pitching

Men’s Singles: 1st, Jeff Cooper of Delta, PA; 2nd, George Albrecht of Joppa. 

Men’s Doubles: 1st, Mark Miller of Bel Air & Tim Hilton of Street; 2nd, Vince Shaw of Reisterstown & Carlos Shaw of Reisterstown. 

Women’s Singles: 1st, JoAnna Albrecht of Joppa; 2nd, Velma Schleicher of Bel Air.

Women’s Doubles: 1st, Vicki Smith of Darlington & Brie Smith of Darlington; 2nd, Reese Shaw of Reisterstown & Gizzy Stokes of Havre de Grace.

Water Balloon Toss

Ages 6 and Under (54 participants); used ducks: 1st, Robert Olstad of Abingdon; 2nd, Lucas Mosby of Abingdon; 3rd. Elliot Murphy of Forest Hill. Used balloons: 1st, Kolby Greiner of Bel Air; 2nd, Caleb Mundrick of Forest Hill; 3rd, Julia Rosati of Bel Air. 

Ages 7-10 (50 participants): 1st, BJ Simmons of Bel Air; 2nd, Sadie Larkins of Abingdon; 3rd, Brynn Raedeke of Bel Air.

Ages 11-16 (14 participants): 1st, Claire Burrows of Bel Air; 2nd, Lilli Reynolds of Abingdon; 3rd, Nathan Kiefer & Evan Reynolds of Abingdon.

Ages 17+ (36 participants): 1st, Josh Meadows & Mike Fowlks of Bel Air; 2nd, Jamie and John Noyes of Perry Hall; 3rd, Billy Simmons of Bel Air.

Costume Contest

General Costumes: 1st, Christina Andrews of Bel Air as “Forkie”; 2nd, Olivia Hodgson of Bel Air as “Ariel”; 3rd, Isaac Bloch of Bel Air as “Spider.”

Patriotic Costumes: 1st, Caleb Mundrick of Bel Air as “Spirit of 76”; 2nd, Kate McEwan of Bel Air as “Rosie the Riveter”; 3rd, Amani Jackson of Bel Air as “King of the 4th.”

Bicycle Rodeo

Best Decorated – Girls: Elizabeth Kline of Jarrettsville; Boys: Victor Schecker of Darlington.

Training Wheels Division: 1st. Jaxon Sherrier of Whiteford; 2nd, Nicholas Keleman of Bel Air; 3rd Graylyn Gullion of Bel Air

Ages 5 and Under: 1st, Jackson Tobias of Pylesville; 2nd, Cooper Thomas of Mount Airy, PA; 3rd, Cecilia Price of Bel Air.

Ages 6-8: 1st, Gage Sather of Havre de Grace; 2nd, Bret Burrows of Bel Air; 3rd, Louisa Adolph of Bel Air.

Ages 9-10: 1st, Brody Sather of Havre de Grace; 2nd, Victor Schlecker of Darlington; 3rd. Nolan Marmen of Bel Air.

Ages 11-13: 1st, Peyton Greiner of Bel Air; 2nd, Quinn Abel of Bel Air; 3rd, Anna Bennett of Bel Air.

Uncle Sam Says

Ages 5-7: 1st, Logan Szewczyk of Bel Air; 2nd, Lily Hennigan of Bel Air; 3rd, Bert Mitala of Pennsylvania.

Ages 8-10: 1st, Finley Donahvey of Bel Air; 2nd, Liam McDowell of Bel Air; 3rd, Caelyn Liles of Bel Air.

Ages 11-13: 1st, Annabelle Lathroum of Bel Air; 2nd, Griffin Stewart of Pennsylvania; 3rd,  Joseph Mitala of Bel Air.

Ages 14+: 1st, Madison Battaglia of Bel Air; 2nd, Jamie Noyse of Perry Hall; 3rd, Stacey Smith of Bel Air.

Watermelon Eating

Ages 6 and Under: 1st, Luke Benesch of Bel Air; 2nd, Logan Szewczyk of Bel Air; 3rd, Lily Hennigan of Bel Air.

Ages 7-10: 1st, Kayden Blaine of Bel Air; 2nd, Rowen Liles of Bel Air; 3rd, Jessalyn Wainwright of Bel Air.

Ages 11-16: 1st, Mackenzie Payne of Bel Air; 2nd, Max Sanchez of Barcelona, Spain; 3rd, Trey Kelly of Bel Air

Ages 17+: 1st, Dean Cooper of Havre de Grace; 2nd, Will Boss of Bel Air; 3rd, Justin Liles of Bel Air.