Klein’s ShopRite Supermarkets describe how it’s tackling its role as an essential business operating during the coronavirus crisis


Klein’s ShopRite Supermarkets sent along this press release today following Gov. Larry Hogan’s executive order barring nonessential from operating to describe the ways in which its stores are adapting to their roles as essential businesses working to fill an increasing demand during the COVID-19 outbreak. Here are the details provided:

Klein’s ShopRite Supermarkets and Pharmacies remain open as per Governor Hogan’s Announcement

Bel Air, Maryland, March 23, 2020: In keeping with Governor Hogan’s announcement at 11 am on 3/23/2020, Klein’s ShopRite Supermarkets and Pharmacies remain open.  

The Governor’s special provision applies to all such supermarkets and pharmacies, as permitted essential service providers.

Store shopping conditions continue to improve as the supply chain recovers to meet customer demand at the retail level.  Although sales restrictions exist in key categories, so that the most needed items can be purchased by the larger community, the Klein Family and Klein’s ShopRite believes that this will improve over the next days and weeks to come.

All Klein’s ShopRite Supermarkets continue to hire staff and to offer a $2 per hour hourly premium during this time of need, both to current and new Associates. This special rate is above the regular hiring rates.  

The goal for Klein’s ShopRite supermarkets during this crisis is to quickly bring needed food and supplies to shelf for all customers. The company strives to quickly improve the shelf conditions by reducing out-of-stocks to the best of its ability during such high demand.  Overall, conditions continue to improve.  

As members of the Wakefern Food Corporation, Klein’s ShopRite is well positioned to supply all its locations with perishable and non-perishable warehousing in close proximity to the nine stores. Orders are being adjusted to meet the current  high demand and fulfillment rates improve to the best that warehousing allows.  Klein’s ShopRite asks all customers to be patient and mindful that the highest demand items will have purchase limits that are clearly posted.

The Klein Family understands the stress that the community faces.  Unlike other natural disasters that are defined in much shorter time frame, this crisis is truly day to day. We have always been here to serve the community in time of need.  The Klein Family believes that this crisis and our ability to provide needed serves to our community remains a crucial part of our mission in the supermarket industry.