Harford County dedicates trailer designed to teach fire safety lessons


Harford County has acquired a trailer outfitted to create mock versions of common household fires in order to teach fire safety techniques. The Harford County Volunteer Fire & EMS Association operates the house and visits can be scheduled through fire prevention chairperson Ron Sollod at 12035@hcvfa.org. Here are the details provided by the Harford County government:

Little Miss Fire Prevention Harford County helping county and state officials cut the ribbon on Harford’s new fire safety house. (Photo courtesy of the Harford County government)

Harford County’s Mobile Fire Safety House Uses Technology to Teach Life-Saving Lessons

BEL AIR, Md., (June 23, 2022) – Harford County citizens of all ages have a new way to learn fire safety with a high-tech “house” available to visit local schools, businesses, and community centers.

The house – a 35-foot mobile trailer – features a mock kitchen that simulates stove fires with realistic smoke and flames, and a bedroom door that gets warm to the touch. Fire and carbon monoxide alarms can be activated to show how each one works and the difference between them. Interactive videos quiz visitors with age-appropriate questions on fire safety; flashing ceiling lights celebrate correct answers.

An instructor teaches visitors what to do, and what not to do, to stay safe.

Funded by county government at the request of the Harford County Volunteer Fire & EMS Association, the new fire safety house was dedicated by local and state officials on June 16, 2022.  The association will operate the house and visits can be scheduled by contacting Ron Sollod, fire prevention chairperson, at 12035@hcvfa.org.

“Harford’s new fire safety house brings life-saving lessons directly to our communities and lets citizens of all ages learn by doing,” County Executive Barry Glassman said. “We were pleased to fund this project as we continue working with our dedicated volunteer firefighters to keep everyone safe.”