Harford Volunteer Fire & EMS Association to feature new Safety House during Fire Prevention Month


The Harford Volunteer Fire & EMS Association plans to recognize the 100th anniversary of Fire Prevention Week by featuring its Safety House at events scheduled throughout the month. Here are the details provided by the HCVFA:

HCVFA to Showcase New Safety House During Fire Prevention Month

The Harford Volunteer Fire & EMS Association will appear at events throughout October

Harford County, Md. – The Harford Volunteer Fire & EMS Association (HCVFA) will
celebrate the 100th anniversary of Fire Prevention Week (also celebrated as Fire Prevention
Month) by showcasing its new Safety House at county firehouse events throughout October.

The mobile unit is outfitted inside like a home—but with the newest technological
components to teach household fire safety, including touch screens, a heated door and
water-based smoke to simulate a fire, and a sample fire alarm pull station.

“The best part is the automated kitchen where we have a touch screen and visitors answer
questions,” said HCVFA Fire Prevention chair Ron Sollod. The system responds differently
depending on the user’s answers, with flashing lights and other features. “It does
animations, which is fun, and keeps everybody entertained.”

The HCVFA purchased the new trailer late last year from Mobile Concepts in Pennsylvania,
and put it into service at the beginning of this year. The Safety House will now make its Fire
Prevention Month debut, replacing the HCVFA’s old model that became outdated—with less
automation, VHS tapes, and structural issues due to its age.

“It got to the point where it wasn’t safe to refurbish it,” Sollod said. However, it did have a
newer frame and tires, so the HCVFA was able to pass it along to the sheriff’s department
to create something new. “They took it down to the base and made a Hope Trailer, a drug
program for adults,” he said.

The HCVFA expects to be able to use their new Safety House for a long time thanks to its
wi-fi equipped technology, which can be updated as fire prevention standards change or as
the HCVFA’s needs change.

“That’s the good thing about this—we can update it as needed,” Sollod said. Based on
current demand, they are working to add additional programming geared toward adults and
not just kids, he said.

Safety House Availability

The Safety House is available for community groups to book, at no cost, for educational
events. The HCVFA will bring it to any suitable location and will tailor a training presentation
based on the age, needs, and focus of the group. Audiences can range to anything from
kindergarten classes, to churches, businesses, senior communities, libraries, and even the
Civil Air Patrol.

“The most important thing is we talk on the level of the people we’re talking to,”
Sollod said, and they talk about how to be safe overall—not just in regard to the features of
the Safety House.

There is nearly always something new for audiences to learn, he added, as the HCVFA
presents information tailored to their latest life or work situation (such as aging, parenting,
living alone, etc.) as well as new information in regard to rapidly evolving technologies such
as electric scooters and cars.

Audiences are also able to get firsthand experience with various alarms, so they can hear
the difference between carbon monoxide or smoke alarms, see a visual alarm for those who
are hard of hearing, and learn the difference between when they’re going off, and when the
battery’s dead. “They have different sounds, they have different tones, and even if you’re
tone deaf you should be able to tell the difference,” Sollod said.

To experience the Safety House, visit the HCVFA at an upcoming event or request a visit for
your group by contacting HCVFA Fire Prevention chair Ron Sollod at 12035@hcvfa.org.

Upcoming HCVFA Safety House events include:

October 8th Fallston Volunteer Fire Company House #111 a.m.-3 p.m.
Norrisville Volunteer Fire Company12-4 p.m.
October 9thAbingdon Volunteer Fire Company House #312-3 p.m.
October 11thDarlington Volunteer Fire Company House #1Starting at 4 p.m.
October 22ndBel Air Volunteer Fire Company House #112-4 p.m.
Susquehanna Hose10 a.m.-2 p.m

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