15 and ½ days and counting


Only 15 and ½ school days remain in the Harford County Public Schools calendar and that means it’s time to ponder all those end-of-year concerns. What should I write in the letter to my son’s principal? My fellow elementary school moms say a letter indicating what you hope for in a teacher for your child is a must for good placement in the next grade. What kind of gifts should I buy for my son’s teacher and bus driver … and who else might have have forgotten to recognize with a gift? And then what, oh what, will we do with ourselves once the somewhat reliable structure of the school year cuts us loose into 79 days of summer? The letter is always a hard one to write. One of the moms in the neighborhood told me it’s best not to request a specific teacher, but rather to explain the type of teacher you think complements your child’s learning style. My son learns very well when it’s a subject that interests him. If he’s not so interested, he doesn’t like to pay attention. What kind of a teacher does that require, I wonder? I’m hoping one of my son’s second grade room mothers has organized some kind of collection for an end-of-year teacher gift, but I haven’t yet received a note surreptiously slipped into my son’s “take-home folder” asking that we deliver $5 to the room mother’s home so the teacher won’t find out. One of the mothers in my daughter’s preschool class had the clever idea of buying a cute watering can from Target and filling it with fresh flowers for the two preschool teachers end-of-year gifts. I generally like to get teachers a box of candy. Moore’s Candies on Bond Street had affordable little boxes of mixed chocolates. And Target carries colorful gift boxes full of its Choxie brand of candy. (Here’s a candy blog that talks about Choxie) I figure if the teachers don’t like the flavor, they can always give it to someone else and it won’t take up shelf space in their homes. Then once summer hits, I’ll need to come up with some type of an activities schedule to keep my kids from telling me they’re regularly bored. I find it doesn’t matter how many toys, video games and books they have at their disposal. They will be bored if there isn’t a plan to tackle certain activities at certain times, preferably with playmates. Thank goodness the Forest Hills Recreation Department offers a two day a week play camp at my son’s school. That takes care of at least a few hours of fun for a least one of my children. But if I can get through the 79 days – and if I can get my 3-year-old to use the potty regularly – I win two-full child free hours three days a week when preschool starts in the fall. Hooray!