The bill is rising! The bill is rising!


I don’t mean to sound like Chicken Little, but as I’m wondering how to adjust my budget to cover the 72 percent jump in my BGE bill it occurred to me that my energy bill won’t be the only cost that rises. As my household bill rises, so do the bills of all the businesses I frequent. I was eyeing the rows of electric treadmills that line my gym, the heaters in the pools, the air conditioning that’s pumped through its soaring two story basketball courts, and thought to myself, “Yep. That monthly cost is bound to jump.” I wondered how my grocery store, with its rows of freezers and refrigerators, its bakery ovens and incessantly rolling check out conveyor belts will cover the higher energy costs. And then there are all the school, court and municipal buildings that still must be heated, cooled, lit and electrified. No doubt my property taxes are going to see a boost. And that’s such a shame because those government officials who will raise my taxes were the same ones who were supposed to notice deregulation was not attracting competitors these past seven years. Instead, they turned a blind eye to a deregulation plan that ended up hurting everyone . . . Oh, wait. Not everyone. Shat…tuck!

Follow up: A reader and a family member have informed me that commerical energy rates rose last year. Here’s to hoping that means they won’t raise prices after this residential price bump hits.